Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Sergeant Stubby?

A stray dog. He was befriended by WW1 American soldiers training, and smuggled by the soldiers to Europe.

Why is Sergeant Stubby famous?

Stubby turned out to be very helpful to his human friends on the battlefields. Amazingly, he survived 17 battles. He returned to America after the war, and became a celebrity.

Who was Robert Conroy?

Robert Conroy was an American soldier and Stubby’s inseparable companion.

Why is this website called “Sergeant Stubby Salutes?”

Stubby was taught by the soldiers to salute (right paw raised) when he was presented to an officer.

Why was this website created?

Robert Conroy’s living relatives want to ensure that accurate and true stories of Stubby are shared with others.  And they would like interest in Stubby to be leveraged in ways that raise awareness of and support for organizations dedicated to training service dogs for veterans of today’s wars.

If I donate to the effort to make a bronze statue of Stubby, can I claim the donation on my taxes?

Yes.  The statue will be placed in the Connecticut Trees of Honor Memorial located at Veteran’s Memorial Park. Connecticut Trees of Honor is a 501 C3 organization.

My question is not answered here.  How can I get my questioned answered?

Ask us.  Please use the contact form found on this page.