Stubby Fact Vs. Fiction

“I discovered the dog by accident in 2010…The animal’s story seemed so incredible that at first I did not believe it could be true…But the story was true…and it grabbed hold of me in the way good stories do…”

Excerpt from Introduction to Stubby the War Dog by Ann Bausum

Want to know more about Stubby?  Here are two books you may like to read:

Packed with period photographs, family memorabilia, and vintage artwork, Ann Bausum’s Stubby the War Dog tells the true story of WWI’s bravest dog, for ages 10 and up.  Published by National Geographic.

Historian and author Ann Bausum beautifully brings back to life the story of one of the most celebrated dogs of the 21st  century.  Using painstaking research, she sifts facts from legend to revive Stubby’s true story.  Published by National Geographic.