Stubby (1916-1926)

He was short of stature, shaped like a barrel,
an unlikely war hero, who fought many a battle.
With the heart of a lion, he never showed fear,
comrades he saved, in a war full of tears.

Whilst at the Front, he roamed no-man’s-land,
protecting the wounded, at his master’s command.
With such acute hearing, and a keen sense of smell,
he would give early warning, of mustard gas, shell.

He would scurry through trenches, raising the alarm,
ensuring his comrades, would come to no harm.
At ‘Chemin de Dame’ he was wounded in action,
returned down the line, showered with affection.

Once fully recovered, it was back to the trenches,.
battle scars carried, never losing his senses.
A spy brought to ground, in no-mans-land,
this soldier had uttered, a German command.

Promoted in the field, with a medal adorned,
for courage he showed, above and beyond.
Seventeen battles he fought, throughout the war,
lives that he saved, would run into scores.

When the war ended, a celebrity he became,
feted by his country, valour his claim to fame.
Yes Stubby was one, of those rare bulldog breeds,
laid his life on the line, so many brave deeds.

Arthur Cole…2018…All Copyright Reserved(241)

Arthur Cole writes Coal Mining and WW1 poetry. He also writes of anecdotes and stories regarding his childhood growing up in Caerau, a small mining village at the top of the Llynfi Valley, in South Wales, UK. His poetry is published by #Wordcatcher Publishing, Cardiff.