making stubby


Steel plumbing pipes and aluminum wires are used to build a support structure, which is based on consultations with Stubby experts as well as reference photographs.
Step 1

clay on armature

Clay is applied to the armature. Aluminum wire front leg here has yet to be covered. Proportions are checked throughout process.
Step 2

Clay model

Completed clay model.
Step 3

silicon mold

Layer by layer, a silicon rubber coating is applied to clay model, followed a reinforced plaster covering. Clay model inside removed. Wax ispoured into the mold.
Step 4

wax sculpture

Wax surface is perfected and wax rods are attached.
Step 5

ceramic shell

Over a 7-day period, the wax sculpture is dipped into a ceramic shell material. A hard multi-layer surface builds up over the wax.
Step 6

STEP 7: bronze casting

video copyright 2008: Aron Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, Texas

finishing sculpture

Ceramic shell removed using hammers and power chisel. Bronze sprues removed. Pieces welded together. Surface is ground and coloration (patina) developed.
step 8

Now, Stubby has a new home.

In her own words:  sculptress Susan Bahary on Stubby and the importance of remembering animals who serve our military, as well as those who serve civilians here at home.