making stubby

Meet sculptress Susan Bahary.

Susan Bahary, who created the life size bronze statue of Stubby, was also the creator of our country’s first official war dog memorial “Always Faithful”.  It was unveiled at the Pentagon and dedicated at the US Marine Corps War Dog Cemetery on Guam in 1994.  She has been known ever since for her compelling monuments around the world to Service Animals and the animal/human bond, and has been a leader in raising awareness of and support for their deeds and sacrifices.

Susan Bahary Speaks: Honoring Service Animals.

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National Service Animals Monument

The proposed National Service Animals Monument is designed to be an experience; a place to learn, reflect, celebrate and honor the amazing deeds and sacrifices of our service animals since the founding of our country. It’s a place for all people to be able to touch these life-like, life-size bronzes that demonstrate the amazing work service animals do alongside their handlers. Our monument to service animals refers to all assistance animals, guide dogs and horses, war animals, law enforcement animals, and search and rescue dogs.*