Sergeant Stubby Song.

Sergeant Stubby
By Tom Callinan • © 2018 – CANNU YUSIC, LTD.

A little mixed-breed dog appeared one day at Yale,                                                                             He had four stubby legs and a stubby little tail.                                                                                He was drawn to the soldiers who were drilling on the field;
His willingness to join their ranks, clearly was revealed.

REFRAIN: He learned to salute the men of certain ranks,
And he could tolerate the noise of machine-guns, bombs, and tanks.
He was every bit a soldier, and every bit a friend,
To the doughboys of the 102nd Regiment.

Eighteen months and seventeen battles on the Western Front,
Where gas and grenades hurt that spunky little runt.
While he was on-the-mend, he raised the troops’ morale,
By visiting and cheering-up his wounded human pals. – REFRAIN

He was an early-warning system, whose senses could tell
And sound the alert about incoming gas or shells.
He saved the lives of hundreds from injuries and death –
As soldiers go, Sergeant Stubby ranked among the best. – REFRAIN

One day he saw a German, who’d been spying on his friends,
First he bit him on the leg, then latched-on to his rear-end.
It was not the size of the dog that mattered in that fight –
It was the size of the fight in that mighty mite! – REFRAIN

BRIDGE: Bob Conroy was the soldier, who smuggled Stubby “over there”,
And when the Armistice was signed, Bob smuggled him back here.
Post-war, Bob went to law school, and he took his stubby friend,
And years later, cradled Stubby, as he went to meet his end. – REFRAIN

Tom Callinan

In 1991, Tom Callinan was designated Connecticut’s first “Official State Troubadour” through legislation by The General Assembly. His credits include: ABC’s “Good Morning America” ;  PBS’ “Shining Time Station” , starring Ringo Starr; CNN’s “Earth Matters” ; and National Public Radio.

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